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WTF is a sump pump?

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So there is a hole often found in basements that mysteriously gathers water from the foundation and an electric pump sits in the hole with a floater kinda like a toilet tank, and activates when the water gets so high. The pump shoots the water through a pipe outside of your home. Usually away from your house. 

In our house during summer we have the AC unit draining into the sump pump area as well as the dehumidifier running and draining, when it fills SPUGSH outside it goes to water the lawn. 

Do I need a sump pump?

Signs you need a sump pump are if you live in an area that is known to flood, has basements or has wet seasons. Our house came with two mysterious holes in the cement floor in the basement. We knew a sump pump would help because we had the water issues mentioned in this post, the trial and error or waterproofing the basement. After much research we determined we could use one for the sump pump and the other was for an overflow of sorts or well water. We plugged that one and covered it with a screw on cap to be accessed if needed. 

Where do I get a sump pump?

You can find one at just about any hardware store. We bought ours from Lowe’s there aren’t too many options so you can’t really go wrong. Find one that fits your hole, hah! I think we ended up paying 100 to 150 and opted in to get a cover. 

What if I need a sump pump and don’t have a hole?

Then your project became a little larger. If you are not comfortable or familiar cutting into cement foundation and maybe you don’t have the right tools I recommend hiring a professional.

Does your house have a sump pump, what are questions you have? have you had issues with it?

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