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Viagrow Neem Oil

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Product Description

Viagrow Neem oil is an essential oil all natural and the perfect spray for keeping your plants healthy and safe. The Viagrow neem oil is 100% cold pressed pure and natural neem oil extract sustainably sourced from the forests of India and extracted from the seed of the neem tree. Viagrow neem extraction process ensures the highest quality neem extract on the market, the main active ingredient in neem oil is azadirachtin. Viagrow neem oil is completely safe to handle and biodegradable. Regular foliar application of our Neem oil will ensure your plants remain healthy from seed to harvest. Pure Neem oil freezes below 70°F. If that happens, gently thaw by placing the container in warm water prior to use. Can be used on plants in hydroponic gardens, green houses, herb gardens, container gardens and raised bed gardening. Always spot test plants prior to applying to determine plant sensitivity to spray.

Handyman Review

Neem oil is a natural way to prevent insects. I kept getting recommended this product for pest management so I decided to try it out. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical but I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and my usually mowed down vegetable seedlings look bug-less and are growing well. Thrips and aphids were pretty prevalent before. It is almost effortless you add some to your water with a bit of dish soap and water like normal, easy peasy!

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