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Steps to Prep for Basement Waterproof

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1. Get stuff out of the way

2. Remove sheetrock and put in accessible space out of the way

3. Remove studs and trash them 

  • Level the floor

4. Patch holes and cracks with vinyl cement

  • Also patch holes in other foundation behind washer / dryer

5. Vacuum and Remove all debris

  • Tape up walls of plastic to control the dust

6. Apply trowel mix to cracks, joints at floor and weak spots. Blue Ames. Read product review here. Cost was 1 gallon @$91

7. Apply Ames Rubber tape to cracks and seams

  • Cost was 3 rolls 150ft total $90

8. Add the first layer of blue to walls and floor

  • Let dry 2-4 hours. Dark blue color is indicator it is dry.
  • 24 hours between coats
  • Cures for next 2 weeks
  • 1 gallon coverage is 10×4 (2) 5 Gal buckets
  • Use low nap roller
  • 3-4in bruch for spot applying over cracks and seams

9. After 2 weeks rubber surface is paintable

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