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MURPHY LADDER Ladder Wall Hanger

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Product Description

This sleek Black ABS Plastic Ladder Wall Hanger is a great accessory to use to keep your ladder safely stored and off the floor. The durable weight limit is strong enough to hold up to 35 lbs. Slim design allows you to mount into a closet or corner to maximize storage space.

Handyman Review

I was expecting a little more out of this product and didn’t read the description well. It’s a hunk of incredibly strong plastic with a very specific purpose. Hang a Murphy ladder. I am using it for my gorilla ladder so it can be mounted on the wall. It’s not meant for my ladder as it’s a different brand but it still worked. I’m sure if you have a murphy ladder this would be really great. Overall it gets the ladder out of the way while still easy to access so purpose achieved and I rated 4/5 stars.

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