Hudson Brio Handheld Sprayer

Product Description

The Brio Handheld Sprayer features a 7 in. spray wand for hard to reach places and an adjustable nozzle for convenient on-target spraying. This handheld sprayer also features an injection molded base for added security and durability. There is also a pressure relief valve to safely and easily release pressure when necessary.

Handyman Review

Up to this point I had been using a small hand spritzer, this water sprayer is no comparison. It holds a good amount of water, the pump mechanism is smooth, and it is easy to spray and adjust the nozzle. I should have gotten one of these sooner. My house plant watering process went from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. I like that the stream is fast but not too powerful to blast seedlings. It’s also helpful that it has measure indicators on the side.


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