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Heavy Duty Large Glove by Firm Grip

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Product Description

Firm Grip Heavy Duty gloves are reinforced in all the right places to keep you protected in the shop or on the jobsite during high-impact tasks. Providing complete back-of-hand protection with hard knuckle molds and rubber finger panels, these gloves also feature a synthetic suede palm with a textured grip for added control and vibration absorption. Firm Grip Heavy Duty gloves are essential for demolition, masonry work, operating power tools, roofing and more.

Handyman Review

I really loved the fit of these gloves but after the first project using them the middle finger busted out. The side of the finger tips is definitely the weakest link in these gloves. The weight, the breathability were great, I liked the positioning of the hard shells but they just didn’t fit the bill. I definitely wouldn’t consider them heavy duty.

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