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Bonsai Soil Mix

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The Bonsai Supply Bonsai Soil Mix 2 Qt. Fast Draining – Coarse Blend For All Bonsai Varieties

Product Description

Help your bonsai tree grow healthy and strong with the right Bonsai soil mix. No more overwatering! This soil mixture can be used for all bonsai species, and all other container grown plants. This mix does not need to be combined with anything else. It is ready to use. Our soil ingredients are washed and double sifted. This bonsai soil mix contains four ingredients you can pronounce: Pumice, Lava, Calcined Clay, and Pine Bark Fines. Lava rock is most commonly known for its exceptional draining characteristics which makes it one of the cornerstones for nearly every bonsai mix. Pumice has over 70 different traces of vitamins and minerals which are vital for developing a healthy and strong root system. Some of these minerals are: Zeolite, Fulvic Acid, Iron, Sodium, Humic Acid, Calcium, Nitrogen, Potassium, and many more! Calcined Clay is a baked clay that does a great job at holding water so that your Bonsai won’t dry out throughout the day and it also acts as an acidifier. Pine Bark does a great job at absorbing nutrients and then slowly releases them back to the tree as needed.

Handyman Review

I really like that the ingredients in this soil are all natural and promote the ideal environment for the root development of Bonsai. I’m slowly learning the art of bonsai and as a beginner I wish I had found this earlier. I tried some other mediums with coco and this one looks like it will actually work for me. Water management was a big issue I faced because the water seemed to drain too quickly. There are parts of this soil that hold moisture and so far it has been simple for me to maintain. I am going to get a fairly mature bonsai but I am trying to grow from seed with no action currently. Patience.

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