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Ames Blue Max

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Ames Blue Max 10 oz. Blue All-Purpose Latex Multipurpose Sealant

Product Description

Ames Blue Max Caulk is a tough, high solids, elastomeric rubber primarily used as a filler and sealer for masonry, cement backer board, ICF, wood, metal and EPDM and is an accessory to other Ames products. Blue Max Caulk is suitable for use with roofs, walls, floors, shower pans and drain assemblies and EIFS repair. Blue Max Caulk forms a flexible waterproof seal and fills joints, holes, valleys, cracks, vents, low spots, flashings, seams and other leaking areas.

Handyman Review

Ames makes a great product that does exactly what it says and judging by the quality of the substance I believe it will last many years. I was having water and moisture issues in my basement, I completing many steps to prevent it. We did exterior grading, gutter repair, repairing some masonry work, and replacing some rotted wood from past moisture. After all that effort you can imagine we wanted to seal up the cement really well and maintain the effectiveness of our work and that’s what Ames did. It sealed up patches, holes and cracks. The tube sealant was really handy to fill in cracks that I knew may expand and paired up perfectly with the paintable Ames blue max sealant. The rubber is so thick and impenetrable you will be impressed AND amazed with how effective this product is! Another really great thing about the sealant is it paints really well, so eventhough it’s super blue, even light primer will cover and coat it really nicely for a great result.

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