Air Pump Kit

0.003 HP Recirculating Single Valve Air Pump Kit

Product Description

The Viagrow Single Valve Air Pump is the perfect choice for your air accessory needs. The unique, stylish design keeps the noise down to a minimum. Air pump features easy maintenance and maintains optimum airflow. Specs are 1.6 L/min, 2W and single post and utilizes 1/4 in. OD 3/16 in. ID tubing. Kit includes 6 ft. 3/16 in. clear tubing, round 2 in. air stone, 4 mm check valves and the single valve air pump.

Handyman Review

Tiny but mighty! I got this little pump to set up a DIY hydro cloner. It works really well to keep air in the water for roots to be boosted and take off. It also prevents stagnant water from forming algae. I would recommend this setup to both new gardeners and experienced gardeners. The pump would also work for small aquariums. It claims to be silent but it does vibrate a lot and walks along the table a little bit. It’s not enough to bother me I’m sure some pumps are much louder.


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