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I’m curious about the world and what I’m capable of as a lesbian builder.

It is important to feel comfortable in your home, afterall it is your safe space nested away from the world that is not always kind to the queer community. Your home should reflect your preferences and personality to enhance your life but that is not always easy. 

DIY home remodel can be your means to achieve high end looks while maintaining a comfortable budget. Putting in the extra effort to hyper customize your home is often what really polishes it and I’m here to tell you that you can do it! I’ve been taking ideas and inspiration I’ve found on the internet and applying it to my house and I can help you do the same.

Who is Handyman Heather?

I like to think we are all Handyman Heather’s with creative and open outlooks on the world. I’m a 30 something overly optimistic lesbian who found twitch, ran into some cool online communities and decided to create a women’s online building community after failing to find one. Tik Tok was a huge inspiration, there are some talented people that got together for an all women’s build. I hope to connect with the existing people that are out there being bad ass women to change the stereo types of straight women and perpetuate the handy lesbian stereo type.

A Note from Heather

I was a crafty and curious kid. I spent my downtime with lego, building computers, drawing, and crafting when I wasn’t getting in trouble playing with my dad’s tools outside. My grandpa taught me how to use a scroll saw at a really early age and that kicked off my interest in wood. I kept building and modifying my way through college and received a BFA in graphic design. Learning the principles of design helped me grasp visual concepts and achieve skilled results.

Fast forward some time I met and fell in love with Jessie Jo. We bought a starter house in 2014. A very bland/cheap one that needed a lot of work but had some neat character. The modifications started shortly after moving in. Painting led to removing carpet and it snowballed from there. We completed most of these projects while working full time jobs and living among the mess. I have been collecting, testing, experimenting over the past 7 years and I’m ready to share what I learned with you.

For over a decade, I have operated as the person behind the scenes building websites. I’ve worked in fast paced agencies with hugely talented marketing, content, design and seo professionals. Handyman Heather pulls all of this knowledge together to give me a way of sharing and giving back to my queer community. I know there are women out there building, yet only 2% of women in laborer fields, I think this is ridiculous. Representation matters. I can’t find a women or a lesbian builders community, let’s make one. 

Please share the word and tell all the creative queers you know about our community and let’s talk about our projects. Thank you for being here and please stop by my next stream and say Hi!