Be Your Own Handyman

Let's make DIY projects come to life

Hey there! I’m Handyman Heather. I’m glad you’re here, I hope you’re doing well and ready to create, design, and fix. I’m going to show you my process for completing DIY projects, home renovations, and unplanned repairs. My wife and I have stories and experiences to share as we managed to navigate as new homeowners with no idea what we were doing. Sometimes you just have to be willing to mess up. You can do it, really. Let’s go!


Welcome lesbians, women, builders and you other people too.

If you’re here for a bad ass women empowering community connect with our talented multi-faceted queer creatives, We are here to meet new people, encourage a safe place for you to be yourself and we will build a life we love together.

Let’s make your home and DIY projects come to life.

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Get Started Building

This is where you can find our resources for how to identify, buy and use tools. Videos showing you some do’s and don’ts. Handyman 101 if you will.

Show Me the Projects

Over the past 7 years I’ve been tearing apart and designing pieces of my home. I’ve learned a lot and I want to share things we learned so you can transform your home too.

Get Help with my Project

It’s helpful to have another set of eyes on your project plans or design choices before committing. Maybe you need something done or built for you? I know people.